Soraya Goddard


Soraya Goddard

Team Leader

Hey new friend. I’m Soraya Goddard, and I live in Washington D.C. I’ve had a career as an Army officer for over 18 years (yep - not a traditional career choice, but I love it). A few years ago, I was having trouble with stress and hormones - weight gain, poor skin, bad sleep, and fatigue. I found essential oils and used them to build a non-toxic lifestyle that helped me regain my health and feel good again.

I eventually realized that sharing our products and making a business out of it could be a way to build a side income. I taught some classes out of my home, made $232 my first month and never looked back. Now, my greatest joy is helping other people learn how to start and succeed in building their own businesses. If you’re considering making a business out of this, I’d love to connect and show you our step by step system. If you’re coachable and motivated, I’d love to meet you and hear what your goals are.


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I love to Crossfit and lift weights and run, so Deep Relief is my daily go-to. I have a bottle in every bag I own because it basically fixes everything.

My second favorite oil is Frankincense. This one is good for aging skin, lifting my mood, and keeps my stress levels down.


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