Nikky Graber

Nikky Graber

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During her time serving as an information research analyst in the Navy, Nicole developed some serious debilitating health issues that landed her without a job, without income, nearly homeless, and with her health continuing to fail. She managed to earn a bachelor's degree in business during her health crisis thinking entrepreneurship may be the only way for her to earn an income. Against the advice of her medical team, she decided to make some healthy lifestyle changes with her food and household products to "try everything" in seeking relief. Her health took a dramatic turn for the best... fully recovered in 60 days... you can read more about her amazing health journey here.

Nicole now runs two websites, EssentialOils.Life where she and a few of her team leaders write about healthy living and where she talks about the balance of motherhood with running a business. She leads a multinational team, and loves the challenge of adapting her leadership to enable her leaders to grow their businesses in an authentic manner that feels good, highlights their strengths, and is effective.


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Valor is my all-time favorite oil. It was instrumental in my health recovery process, helps make my chiropractor adjustments last longer, and is crucial to helping me gain the confidence I need to do all the things outside my comfort zone. Plus it just smells divine when used as a perfume/cologne.


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