Kate Doubler


Kate Doubler


Kate is a mom of three kids (with one on the way!), a Registered Nurse (15 years in the ICU Float Pool), a wife, and a healthy living blogger over at www.realfoodrn.com.. Kate has always had an interest in health, from a very young age, which led her to pursue her career in nursing.
After years of passing pills and watching patients only get sicker and sicker, she decided to go back to school for nutrition. She started a blog to get the word out about real food and non-toxic living. Oils have become a BIG part of her mission to teach about wellness and in her endeavors, she and her team started Well Oiled Abundance. Now she works alongside so many amazing people who are on a mission to help others achieve the level of wellness that they want in their lives!


Real Food RN

Frankincense is my go-to oil and my favorite oil! I use it daily for
everything from skin health (in my homemade skincare cream 😉)
to find a place of calm meditation. This oil has so many uses that I find myself reaching for it for just about everything!


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